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    To ensure the safety of law enforcement officers
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    The safety of our nation’s law enforcement is a national and community concern
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    Strategic Programs
    Providing agencies and officers with vital equipment and training
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Bureau of Justice Assistance

The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), a component of the Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice, provides support to state, local, and tribal law enforcement, as well as other justice agencies, to improve and strengthen the nation’s criminal justice system.

Officer Safety Is a Top Priority

BJA has made officer safety a top priority and is proud to administer and support several national officer safety or related initiatives that:

  • Health Related IconIdentify the causes of injuries to law enforcement officers.
  • Shield Check IconShield officers from assault and injury.
  • First Aid Briefcase IconHelp officers prevent violent encounters or survive such encounters when they occur.
  • Share IconShare critical information to improve situational awareness and respond to critical events.
  • Holding Hands IconReduce violence overall in our communities.

Law Enforcement Officer Safety Toolkit

In developing this toolkit, BJA hopes to promote learning about officer safety and encourage the leveraging of these resources to augment state, local, and tribal efforts to promote officer safety. BJA initiatives that promote officer safety include the following:

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The VALOR Initiative

Preventing Violence Against Law Enforcement Officers and Ensuring Officer Resilience and Survivability

The Officer Robert Wilson III Preventing Violence Against Law Enforcement Officers and Ensuring Officer Resilience and Survivability (VALOR) Initiative is designed to protect the safety, health, and well-being of our nation’s law enforcement officers and agencies. The Initiative provides up-to-date tactical-, skill-, and awareness-building education; technical assistance; and resources to our nation’s law enforcement on officer safety and wellness, which have a direct impact on their resilience and survival.

The VALOR Initiative is managed by BJA and is part of its officer safety portfolio. Initially created as a single program in 2010, the VALOR Initiative has grown to include seven distinct programs, each critical to addressing officer safety, wellness, resilience, and survival.

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Bulletproof Vest Partnership

Through the Bulletproof Vest Partnership (BVP) Program, any acknowledged unit of general government (states, counties, federally recognized tribes, cities, and local jurisdictions) accepted by the U.S. Census Bureau that employs law enforcement officers is eligible to apply for funding.
A jurisdiction’s chief executive is required to complete the online registration and to provide general oversight and approval of key transactions between the BVP Program and the jurisdiction’s participating law enforcement agencies.

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Blue Courage

Blue Courage is a multiday training event focused on the human development of law enforcement professionals. It draws on relevant literature and proven research on human effectiveness, resilience, psychology, leadership development, and neuroscience. The goal is personal and cultural transformation through influences that are beyond traditional law enforcement training.

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Public Safety Officers' Benefits

The Public Safety Officers’ Benefits Program provides death and education benefits to survivors of fallen law enforcement officers, firefighters, and other first responders, as well as disability benefits to officers catastrophically injured in the line of duty.

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